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Quanty Carlo from IOTA, is a ground-breaking tool set for developing and testing options trading plans and strategies. The product literally starts where others leave off, delivering an unprecedented suite of features to your desktop for developing and testing your options trading ideas and models.

Essentially it delivers a quant from the cloud, providing a level of power and sophistication heretofore available only to the largest investment and trading firms.

Automated Backtesting

Quick and easy analysis of plans against historical data; no more wading through data by hand.

Inferential Statistics

Draw reliable conclusions from your tests. Understand the accuracy of your results for actual trading.

Comprehensive results reporting

Compare and contrast study results, incorporating statistical insights.

Drag and Drop GUI

Design your trading plans with drag-and-drop techniques. Save and execute with one click.

Proprietary Graphical Syntax Editor

Define your trades, strategies and rules in the GUI with your mouse. NO programming! No more macros!


No elaborate installation or need for supporting software. Thin client and cloud-based server. Get started in minutes.

This table summarizes the feature set and primary benefit for each, but in total QC enables traders to investigate their plans, strategies and methods with unprecedented speed, power and flexibility and to deliver results that traders can act on with confidence.

The features above will be available in the initial release, but many new powerful methodologies, including Monte Carlo simulation and experiment design, as known as Factorial Analysis, will be added to future releases. You will want to get started now with Quanty Carlo so you can take full advantage of new features when they become available.

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